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I'm an avid blogger, but not all of the posts I write are for my own blog. Here are some of my favourites, posted elsewhere. 



Open Ink Perspectives – Behind the Smile 

A look at why my happy characters may actually be a little more messed up than my grumpy characters.


Everyday People

Why I love queer contemporary romance. Written for Queer Romance Month.


Busting Cosmic Dust Bunnies

In space, no one can hear you sneeze. Hosted by Here Be Magic.


Halfway There 

Writing romance with older characters. Written for The Contemporary Romance Cafe.


Shaken, Not Stirred 

Boys, Books & Booze Feature hosted by SJD Peterson.



Written for Chasing Forever:


Frolic –  18 books that I'd love to see added to high school reading lists! 


The Mary Sue – Supporting LGBTQ+ youth.



Written for To See the Sun: –  Paradise Not: Five Inhospitable Planets 

The Book Smugglers –  Come Die with Me 

The Portalist –  Twisting Tropes with Queer Sci-Fi



Written for Block and Strike:


Gay Book Reviews – Learning to Make Noise 

Why I study self-defense.

Sinfully Gay Romance Reviews – Writing Kids and Family