Out in the Blue

At forty-five, Jared Tailler suddenly feels old. When his employer grounds him, he starts thinking in terms of measuring his coffin. Well, not quite, but he’s creakier and hairier than he was ten years ago, and his closest relationship is the one he has with his frequent-flyer card.


It’s time to get out there.


On the first day of a five-day hiking trip, he meets Finley Macrae, a younger, seemingly brighter man. As they inch together in halting steps, Jared learns he’s not the only one lost out in the blue—Fin’s good cheer hides a turbulence deeper than Jared’s midlife crisis. Maybe together they can find the trail to happiness.

“This short novella is sweet and sexy and touching…”

— Goodreads review

“I truly loved this story. It’s short…will only take about an hour to read, but it’s packed full of depth and emotion.”

— Smitten With Reading





Originally published:

June 2015

43 pages

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This title will be made available at all retailers in April 2020.