Chasing Forever

Malcolm Montgomery was a history teacher and track coach until an accident left him with two broken legs. He’ll recover, but life has knocked his feet out twice now. He’s not sure if he’s ready to try again, especially when it comes to love—and slick guys like Brian Kenway. Still, he needs help mentoring the school’s LGBTQ society, so he asks Brian to take some responsibility.

Brian has been hiding behind his reputation as a liar and a cheat for so long that he actually believes he’s that guy—until his nephew, Josh, turns up on his couch, tossed out for being gay. Brian has never considered being a father, but he knows all about being rejected by loved ones. Now Brian wants to be more: a partner for Mal and a role model for Josh.

But when Mal’s recovery is set back and the sad truth of Brian’s past is revealed, the forever they’ve been chasing seems even further from their grasps. It’ll take a rescue effort to revive their sense of worth and make Brian, Mal, and Josh into a family of their own.

Series: This Time Forever, Book 3

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Chasing Forever is a beautifully written story that never stops giving the reader heartbreak and hope, and delivers an emotionally charged, hard-earned happily ever. The book is a definite page turner and one you won’t want to put down.”

—Felice Stevens author of the Man Up series

"Intimate, sensuous, and timely! Chasing Forever is a passionate, heartwarming tale."


"This book was a gift."

—Jennifer, Goodreads review






Published: December 2018

353 pages

ebook: 9781626498426

paperback: 9781626498433


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